Active Cheshire Sporting memories Cafe’s to Launch in Cheshire West

Active CheshireSporting Memories Cafe’s are designed to bring together individuals who may be experiencing early signs of memory loss, dementia or just those who have a passion for sport.  The cafes’ use old sporting memorabilia to spark memories and structure weekly sessions for those aged 50+.   By sharing memories of sporting moments and tapping into a passion for sport we will help people to connect with others and with their past, reawakening positive thoughts and feelings that otherwise remain hidden away.

If anyone has any old programmes, newspaper cuttings or other memorabilia that they no longer want or we could take copies of, please get in touch so we can use these in our sessions.  We are always looking for volunteers, so if you can spare a few hours a week to support, please let us know.

When the cafe’s are open, anyone over the age of 50+ will be welcome to attend and sessions will be particularly good for those experiencing early signs of memory loss and associated issues.  Cafe’s will open across Chester running from Chester Football Club, Hospice of the Good Shepherd, Backford, Wesley Church Centre, and also from New Images Chatterbox Cafe in Winsford.  Cafes will open late April.