There are 9 children’s parks within Kingsmead Parish which are maintained by your Parish Council, their locations are:

  1. Capesthorne Close
  2. Pulford Close
  3. Kensington Way
  4. Burwardsley Way
  5. Duke’s Way 1 (by Primary School)
  6. Duke’s Way 2
  7. Monarch Drive
  8. Kingslawn Close
  9. Campbell Close

Capesthorne Close, Kensington Way, Duke’s Way 1 and Kingslawn Close parks are intended to provide a play environment for children from 4 to 14 years. The other parks support younger park users from approximately 2-6 years of age. Overall, our intention is to provide varied and appropriate play equipment to keep our children happy and active.

Update August 2019

At Dukes Way 1 the Play and Leisure Spectrum unit has now been installed and the bark replenished.

Update July 2019

Pulford Close Play Area

The slide has now been repaired and is open for use

Update July 2019

Pulford Close Play Area

The main slide unit is currently fenced until a new leg can be supplied and fitted to ensure the unit is stable.

Dukes Way 1 Play Area

Following the removal of the wooden multi-play unit at Dukes Way 1, the Council has selected a unit which is suitable for the same age range, 7 – 14 years and will be more durable than the previous wooden unit. This will be installed w/c 12th August.

The bark will also be topped up and the fence repaired to complete the refurbishment.

Update March 2017

Capesthorne Close play area

As people may have noticed, we are in the process of replacing the park equipment in Capesthorne park. This park was one of the oldest in the Parish, and so we are making a ‘like for like’ replacement of a trim trail and climber. The old equipment has been removed and new equipment installed, so we are just waiting for the new bark surface to be added next week. Thank you for your patience during this time and we hope this park brings hours of enjoyment.

Update August 2016

Campbell Close play area

  • Supply and spread 20m3 of playbark after rotavating existing bark.
  • Install new panels to toddler play unit 2no. red including all fixings and replace scramble net.
  • Take out existing post and rail fence and replace with 1m high black “play spec” bow top fence with “prosafe” self closing gate.
  • Supply and install litter bin.

Improved Parks

Overall, we have been fixing as we go. All our parks are inspected regularly, so there is always a list of items that require maintenance, which include the bark top ups which we hope to have ready for each Spring. As we update parks, we are also adding new signage, checking bin positions and adding benches for parents/grandparents. We have also added benches outside parks for our young adults to discourage using the equipment as seating.

Kingslawn Close – this park had a full equipment update in 2014. Before and after pictures below:

Kingslawn before              Kingslawn after


Duke’s Way 1 – this park has been improved with new equipment panels, rope net and new fencing which is more vandal proof.


Kensington Way – this park has been improved and refitted through work in both 2014 and 2015. This update included changes to the landscaping and the park equipment. The work in 2015 was further supported by a grant from the Big Lottery, and is providing plenty of fun for local children. Before and after pictures below:

Ken before 3       Ken before 1      Ken Park2

Ken Way 2       Ken Way   big lottery logo


Next in plan…

August 2019:-

Burwardley Way and Campbell Close play areas are being assessed for repairs to the multi-units and the slide unit at Pulford Close is due to be repaired in the coming weeks.

Park Vandalism

Obviously it is disappointing when parks are vandalised and damaged. Although our parks are regularly inspected, please let us know if you see any untoward behaviour or notice vandalism. We can fix items relatively quickly when then are reported in to the Clerk, and we never want park equipment to be unsafe.