Overflowing bins

We’ve had a few complaints regarding overflowing bins.  The PC has a weekly schedule to empty all bins and dog bins with Lawtons our maintenance contractor.  Bins are emptied each Friday (or Thursday if the Friday is a Bank Holiday).  Lawtons also litter pick the areas surrounding the bins e.g. parks and ponds each week.

At certain times of the year we notice areas are more littered than usual.  For example parks in the summer due to light and warm evenings and the bins along the route from the shops to SJD in the Autumn.

We maintain bins in the following areas in Kingsmead. We are currently in the process of replacing some of the bins (on the route from the shops to SJD) with larger bins that will take pizza boxes.  These are being replaced by CWaC at no charge to the parish. In addition, there are a couple of bins emptied by CWaC (near the school and on the spine Road).

Its the same old problem when SJD students return to college.

They are given vouchers by Dominoes Pizza for the first term and they cannot stop eating them and filling the bins!!

The annual cost is £8100.00. This includes litter picking the whole site.  Litter picks also take place when the site is mowed. 33 bins works out at £4.75 per bin per week.  The annual cost per household is approximately £5 per year which represents excellent value for residents.

If you notice a littering issue in a particular area, please contact Jo (Parish Clerk) on 41862 and we can arrange for an ad-hoc empty and/or tidy-up.

Location of litter/dog bins

  • Bickerton Way/Regency Way   Litter x 1
  • Campbell Close Park    Litter x 1
  • Capesthorne park      Litter x 1
  • Churton Close (just off the close)   Litter x 1
  • Dukes Way (duck pond)  Litter x 2                    Dog x 1
  • Dukes Way Parks * 2   Litter x 1 in each park
  • Dukes Way (corner of path to Monarch Drive)   Litter x 1
  • Fisherman’s wharf to end of Blandford Drive (‘top’ path) Dog x 2
  • Kingsmead spine road/Regency Way Corner   Litter x 1                    Dog x 1
  • Kingsmead spine road (A533) at the clock-tower  Litter x 1
  • Kingslawn Close Park   Litter x 1
  • Kensington Way Park  Litter x 2
  • Moor Park Way (grassed area)        Litter x 1                    Dog x 2
  • Monarch Drive path to River Weaver    Dog x 1
  • Monarch Drive (west of Kingsmead spine road)  Litter x 1
  • Monarch Drive (outside house no 55)    Litter x 1
  • Monarch Drive (outside house no 49)     Litter x 1
  • Monarch Drive (next to park) Litter x 1
  • Pulford Close (park)  Litter x 1                    Dog x 1
  • Regency Way/Coronet Ave (pond)  Litter x 1
  • Regency Way (opposite Eddisbury Way)   Dog x 1
  • Regency Way (south of Dukes Way roundabout)  Litter x 1
  • Royal Gardens/Kensington Way (end)   Litter x 1
  • St George’s Way field    Dog x 2