The following was copied to the Parish Council to make them aware of an incident. It was sent to Northwich Angling Club who own the fishing rights along the Weaver through Kingsmead.

Dear Sirs

I wish to raise an unhappy incident involving my yellow Labrador Sputnik last week. I was walking with him along the River Weaver towards the rowing clubs when he became entangled in a discarded fishing line. The hook which was very large became embedded in his tongue. I had to immediately take him in a very distressed state to the Vets on Kingsmead where he underwent an emergency operation to have the hook removed. The Vet said that it was the worst operation that he has had to perform. He also said that this happens quite frequently and he has had to remove hooks from the mouths of a number of dogs.

I would ask that you inform your membership of this incident and impress on them the need to clean up after themselves and remove all of their fishing equipment. Whilst on this occasion it was my dog, it could have as easily been a small child that became entangled in the line and hook.

I have copied in the Kingsmead Parish Council to this email to make them also aware of the problem with the Anglers.