Get rid of your paper £10 notes

After 1st March shops will no longerbanknote accept the old £10 notes.  The Bank of England has replaced the paper notes with polymer ones because they are cleaner, stronger and have better security features.

Either spend them by Thursday of exchange at the Bank of England.  You can do this in person or by post but you will need to fill in an exchange form for the latter.  The Bank will either pay the money into your account within 10 working days or give you new banknotes in return.

If you have less than £1000 in £10 notes you won’t need to present identity details to swap them however if you have more that £1000 you will be asked for ID and proof of address.  There is no deadline for exchanging your old notes at the Bank of England.  You can try exchanging notes at your local bank or post office branch but they are not legally required to accept them after 1st March 2018.

It is estimated by the Bank of England that at least £2.1bn worth of notes are still in circulation, some will be overseas and some will be kept as memorabilia.