The Sandstone Ridge Trust is developing a comprehensive list of the natural and man-made caves, rock shelters and other cavities beneath the mid-Cheshire Sandstone Ridge from Frodsham in the north to Malpas in the south.

We are inviting anyone who knows of a cave, shelter or mine-shaft in their neighbourhood to let us know about it. It would be helpful to be given the exact location (Ordnance Survey grid reference if possible), the name of the landowner, if known, and any stories that are associated with it.

The complete list will form the basis of future projects, investigating the caves for their histories and environmental value. Please note: we are not asking anyone to enter caves at this stage. The Trust will manage this in the future, subject to appropriate access permissions, health and safety and environmental risk assessments. The Sandstone Ridge Trust cannot accept any responsibility for personal injury when exploring the Ridge. Contact us at: