Update on Coronet Pond

Kingsmead Parish Council has been keeping a careful eye on the lack of water in the pond and shares resident’s concerns for the fish and wildlife.

We initially asked Cheshire Fire Service if they could top up the pond using the hydrant however they areunable to help due to legislation regarding usage of hydrants.  Cllr Jewitt then contacted a steward from British Waterways to take a look as there were concerns regarding the fish, they did make an attempt to catch the fish to re-house elsewhere but were unable to do so due to the amount of silt in the pond.  The steward confirmed that there is sufficient water in the centre of the pond to maintain them at present.

United Utilities has implemented a hosepipe ban and restricted water usage from 5th August and are also unable to help.

It is unfortunate but there is nothing we can do but wait for rain.