Letter from Kingsmead Primary School to parents and carers – Dangerous Driving

Dear parents and carers,

Firstly thank you to the overwhelming majority who walk or cycle to school and those who need to drive who use the Regency Square car park. Thank you for being useful and kind!

Mr Jones and I have spoken to a number of parents and carers, requesting they use the Regency Square car park as agreed with the Parish Council.  Thank you to those who have done as requested, it is much appreciated.

However Mr Jones and I have also been on the receiving end of some less friendly encounters when asking people to park away from the school gate. Mr Jones is only doing his job, trying to keep the entrance to school safe for your children. We do not have resources in school to police the streets outside school and act as unofficial traffic wardens.

I have been told by a parent  that on Friday afternoon a dark grey SUV, driven by a blonde female, drove quickly round to the school entrance, mounted the kerb, nearly missing a child. Unfortunately the parent has poor eyesight and did not recognise the person although as they ran into school it can be reasonably assumed it was a parent or carer running late. I have apologised to the parent on behalf of the school although this incident happened outside the school gates. If anyone did witness the incident, it would be helpful if you could have a chat with me.

While the school was being expanded we restricted all entrance to the school in the morning and at home time to the side gate on the pedestrian path. In Mr Jones’ and my opinion this improved safety in the morning and afternoon.

It was at the request of parents and carers that governors took the decision to reopen the side gate and allow families in via the car park. This was on the understanding that anyone collecting children by car would drive and park safely and responsibly. We have a full governors meeting on 25th October and until then, Mr Jones will be monitoring the situation carefully at morning and home time. If there is not a rapid and sustained improvement in road safety from drivers to school, I will be advising to the school governors that we close the gate in the morning and afternoon and expect everyone to use the side gate.

I am sure that you all appreciate that keeping the children safe from harm is more important than convenience.

Kind regards,

Catriona Stewart