Please clean up after your dog

There have been a number of reports regarding dog fouling on the pavements of Kingsmead.

Dog fouling

Cleaning up after your dog

It is important when cleaning up after your dog to:

  • always carry bags to clear up after them – a simple plastic bag will do the trick or get a poop scoop from a local pet shop
  • dispose of the bag correctly by either using a dog waste or litter bin or taking it home and placing it, suitably wrapped, in your own bin
  • not dump the bag in a hedge or elsewhere as this is littering which carries the same penalty as dog fouling
  • encourage the dog to ‘go’ in your garden, you can then bury the mess or alternatively clean it up and bin it
  • never let your dog out alone to ‘go to the loo’
  • always worm your dog regularly, vets normally advise worming dogs every three to four months.

You can get small quantities of bio-degradable poop-scoop bags, free of charge from one of our customer services centres.

It is every dog owners duty to clean up after their dog. There are no excuses, fouling is unacceptable.

Report dog fouling to Cheshire West and Chester Council