Cheshire West and Chester Waste Collection over Xmas period

Christmas collection changes

 The Waste Management service continues to work closely with its commercial partners to improve service quality and minimise the disruption to our residents as much as possible. Collections over the festive period can be challenging because of several factors, particularly the number of bank holidays. Like last year, it has been difficult to reduce the number of day changes because of the dates bank holidays have fallen on. Kier will be running a service on three Saturdays so scheduled collections can return as normal by Monday 7 January 2019. The full collection schedule is below.

Normal collection date Revised collection date
Monday 24 December 2018 Saturday 22 December 2018
Tuesday 25 December 2018 Monday 24 December 2018
Wednesday 26 December 2018 Thursday 27 December 2018
Thursday 27 December 2018 Friday 28 December 2018
Friday 28 December 2018 Saturday 29 December 2018
Monday 31 December 2018 No change
Tuesday 1 January 2019 Wednesday 2 January 2019
Wednesday 2 January 2019 Thursday 3 January 2019
Thursday 3 January 2019 Friday 4 January 2019
Friday 4 January 2019 Saturday 5 January 2019

Garden waste collections 

Garden waste collections will be stopped for four weeks. This will start on Monday 17 December 2018 and end on Monday 14 January 2019. The resources for garden waste collections will be used to help with both recycling and household collections during the four- week period. Any real Christmas trees can be chopped up to a size after this, allowing the lid to close and for them to be placed into green wheeled bins for collection from Monday 14 January 2019.

Recycle first

Christmas cards, envelopes and non-metallic wrapping paper can all be recycled in the green box. Cardboard boxes should be flattened to fit inside with any plastic and polystyrene removed. Any extra recycling, including food waste, can be placed out for collection next to recycling containers in suitable, clearly labelled containers, such as a carrier bag or a plastic storage box. These will be returned after emptying. Larger boxes can either be ripped up in to smaller pieces and placed into the green recycling box, or taken to a local HWRC.

Household waste recycling centres

All HWRCs are closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. Sites at Winsford, Ellesmere Port and Chester will be open as usual throughout the rest of the period other than on a couple of dates. We have agreed to extend the opening days at the Northwich and Frodsham sites between Thursday 27 December and Thursday 3 January to provide further support for recycling and waste disposal. Revised hours and additional extended days are shown below.

Household Waste Recycling Centre Christmas opening hours
Northwich Neston Frodsham Tattenhall


8am to 4pm 8am to 4pm 8am to 4pm 8am to 4pm


8am to 4pm 8am to 4pm 8am to 4pm 8am to 4pm


8am to 4pm 8am to 4pm 8am to 4pm 8am to 4pm


8am to 4pm 8am to 4pm 8am to 4pm 8am to 4pm


8am to 4pm 8am to 4pm 8am to 4pm 8am to 4pm
Tuesday 01/01/2019 Closed Closed Closed Closed


8am to 4pm Closed 8am to 4pm Closed


8am to 4pm 8am to 4pm Closed 8am to 4pm


8am to 4pm 8am to 4pm 8am to 4pm 8am to 4pm

Reporting issues

 The Council’s Customer Service Centre will be closed from 7pm on Monday 24 December 2018, reopening Thursday, 27 December 2018. It will also be closed on Tuesday 1 January 2019, reopening the following day. Any service issues can be reported on the Council’s online portal during this period.

Adverse weather

 Snow and ice over the festive period can make collections difficult. While the majority of major roads often remain accessible, road and footway conditions on minor roads, housing estates and in rural areas can often become poor, making it difficult for large HGV collection vehicles and their crews to carry out work safely.

Although every effort will always be made to access properties on their scheduled collection day, the safety of those collecting and the wider public is always the most important thing. If adverse weather has an impact on collections, householders will be told to:

  • continue to place wheel bins, boxes and bags out for collection on the scheduled day
  • leave any uncollected containers out where a road, street or property is not collected on its scheduled collection day as every effort will then be made to return and collect these at the earliest opportunity
  • look out on social media and the Council website for any updates