Wildflower meadow seed planting

Kingsmead Parish Council is preparing three areas of wildflower meadows to promote diverse habitats which are vital ecosystems for pollinators that facilitate the reproduction in 90% of the world’s flowering plants.

Two of the areas will be on St George’s field where wildflower hay has been distributed in one of the areas and the other being left uncut with no added seeds or hay.

The third area will be an area to the south of the St George’s Way roundabout. This area will be rotavated and seeds will be added to create a display this year.

The preparation and seeding of the third area will be carried out on the weekend of 21st and 22nd March with members of the council and volunteers meeting at St George’s field at 10am on Saturday 21st March.

If you would like to be involved, please let us know by emailing clerk@kingsmeadpc.org.ukĀ  Volunteers are being asked to bring rakes and buckets if possible. Children under 16 are welcome when accompanied by an adult.