A message from St John Deane’s College

12 March 2021

Dear Kingsmead Parish Council

Please be aware that Sir John Deane’s students return to College for their normal timetable from Monday 15th March.

Students have been sent a letter and video outlining our expectations and I thought it may be helpful to our neighbours and local residents to understand our approach.

We are encouraging students to remain on site. We recognise that some may elect to walk to Kingsmead shopping area in order to buy lunch. We will have staff in hi-viz jackets on duty near Tesco at key times during the day for at least the first week of opening.

Do be assured that morning public service style announcements over the College tannoy system remind students every day to be respectful and mindful of our wider community.

We very much look forward to the welcome return of our students and continue to work with hope and optimism towards brighter and happier times.

Yours sincerely

Stephanie Dean
Assistant Principal