Parks and Play Areas

There are nine parks and play areas within Kingsmead Parish which are maintained by the Parish Council. Their locations are:


  1. Dukes Way 2
  2. Kensington Way
  3. Kingslawn

Play Areas

  1. Burwardsley Way
  2. Campbell Close
  3. Capesthorne Close
  4. Dukes Way 1 (by Primary School
  5. Monarch Drive
  6. Pulford Close

Capesthorne Close, Dukes Way 1, Kensington Way and Kingslawn Close parks are intended to provide a play environment for children from 4 to 14 years. The other parks support younger park users from approximately 2-6 years of age.  Overall, our intention is to provide varied and appropriate play equipment to keep our children happy and active.

Next in the plan…

2021 – 2022
The unit at Burwardsley Way is next on the list for replacement – following a successful online survey, the Council has appointed Sutcliffe Play as the Contractor. An order for new play equipment is currently being processed, and we are hoping to bring the Play Area back into use before the end of the year.

Be sure to keep a lookout on both our website and social media for any new and exciting updates!