Council Documents

The following documents describe the workings of your Parish Council and are available in alphabetical order in the table below.


Document Location
Accounting Statements
Signed statement of accounts according to the format included in the Annual Return form
Notice of Conclusion of Audit & Right to Inspect 2022-23

Notice of Conclusion of Audit & Final Report 2021-22
Notice of the Audit & Right to Inspect 2021-22
Notice of Conclusion of Audit 2021
Notice of conclusion of audit 2019-2020
Internal Audit Report 2019-2020
Explanation of variances 2019-20
AGAR Sections 1 to 3 2019-2020
Annual Accounting Statements 2021-22

Annual Accounting Statements 2022-23

Annual Financial Report 


Receipts and payments 2017 – 2018
Detailed annual return 2018-2019
Detailed annual return 2019-2020
Annual governance statement (previous years)
Signed annual governance statement according to the format included in the Annual Return form

Annual Governance Statement   2016 – 2017
Annual Governance Statement  2017-2018
AGAR Sections 1-3 (including external auditor report) 2018-2019

Annual Governance Statement 2020-2021
Annual Governance Statement 2021-22

Annual Governance Statement 2022-23

Annual internal audit report
Signed internal audit report according to the format included in the Annual Return form
Annual internal audit report 2016-2017
Annual Internal audit report 2018-2019
Annual Internal Audit Report 2021-22Annual Internal Audit Report 2022-23
Annual Parish Council Meeting
This is a statutory meeting where the chairman and a vice-chairman are elected, committee members are appointed together with representatives to other bodies and standing orders are reviewed.  By the end of May every Parish Council should have held their Annual Parish Council Meeting, and the Chairman of the Parish Council should have called the Annual Parish Meeting (which must be held by 1stJune each year).
Annual Parish Council Meetings
Annual Parish Meeting
This is not a council meeting, however it is a statutory meeting where a Parish Council exists for a parished area. It is a meeting of the parish electors and must take place between 1 March and 1 June. Electors can contribute to the agenda. The chairman of the council, any two councillors or any six electors can call the Annual Parish Meeting. The Chairman of the Parish Council will chair the meeting. The law in respect of Annual Parish Meetings is set out in sections 9 and 13 and Part III of Schedule 12 to the Local Government Act 1972.
Annual Parish Meetings
Assets Register 2023-2024 KPC Asset Register
Being a Good Employer A guide for Parish Councils 2016 Good Employer 2016
Budget & Precept 2024-2025

Kingsmead Parish Council has submitted a precept request for £212,426 for the period 1st April 2024 to 31st March 2025.  This represents an average Band D charge of £111.46 pa, which is an increase of 3.2% compared to last year.

Budget for 2024-2025


Chair’s Report
Chair Helen Weltman provides an overview on the work of the Council

Chairs Report 2023-2024

Code of Conduct (CWaC 2022)

This document sets the standards and expectations of councillors adopted by Kingsmead Parish Council 27/06/2022

Code of Conduct 2022
Climate Emergency Declaration and Action Plan

Declared at the meeting held 16/03/2020

Climate Emergency Action Plan 2020
Communication & Media Policy

adopted 20/05/2019

Communications & Media Policy 2019
Community Engagement Policy

adopted 16/03/2020

Community engagement policy 2020
Complaints Procedure

This document explains how complaints can be made against decisions of the council

Complaints Procedure 2019
This document sets out the procedure for co-option of a new councillor.
Co-option Policy
Creation of Kingsmead Parish Council
The Council was formed in 2011 following a boundary review.  The full document is available here.
CWC Reorganisation 2011
Elections 2019 on 2nd May 2019, information available here. Notice of uncontested election 09-04-19
Email and Internet Usage Policy Email and Internet Usage Policy 2020
Equality Policy adopted 21/01/2019 Equality Policy 2019
External auditor report and certificate
Signed external auditor report according to the format included in the Annual Return form
External auditor report and certificate 2016-2017
Financial Standing Orders
These regulations govern the financial procedures of the council and were updated and approved on 19th February 2024
Kingsmead Parish Council Financial Regulations 2023-2024
General Data Protection Regulations May 2018  KPC Data Audit Schedule 2018
Contact Privacy Notice 2019
KPC Retention of Documents Policy
General Power of Competence
Under the GPC councils no longer need to ask whether they have a specific power to act.  The GPC (Localism Act 2011 s.1(1)) gives local authorities, including eligible councils, “the power to do anything that individuals generally may do” as long as they don’t break other laws.  It is a ‘power of first resort’; which means that when searching for a power to act, the first question for a local council is whether it can use the GPC.  A local council can act in the same way that an individual is normally permitted to act, as introduced by the Localism Act 2011, sections 1 to 8.There are two eligibility criteria:

  • Elected councillors – at the precise moment that the council resolves that it meets the criteria, the number of councillors elected at the last ordinary election, or at a subsequent by-election, must equal or exceed two thirds of its total number of councillors. Elected councillors include all councillors who stood for election whether or not the election was contested.  Co-opted or appointed councillors do not count for this purpose as they are not elected.
  • The qualified clerk – the clerk must hold at least one of the sector-specific qualifications and should have completed the relevant training designed as part of the National Training Strategy for local councils eg. the Certificate in Local Council Management (CiLCA) including section 7 of CiLCA 2012 updated for the purposes of the GPC. A council must pay attention to the advice of its trained and qualified clerk when taking decisions to ensure that it acts lawfully.

Eligibility 21 May 2018 Ref 21/05/18/8(p349)
Eligibility 15th May 2017 Ref 15/05/17/8b

As of 1st April, Kingsmead Parish Council does not hold the General Power of Competence.

Governance and Accountability for Smaller Authorities 2019
A Practitioners’ Guide to Proper Practices to be applied in the preparation of statutory annual accounts and governance statements
Governance and Accountability for Smaller Authorities in England 2019

Local Government Transparency Code 2015

2023-2024 Cashbook transactions totalling £500.00 or more

Grants Policy (adopted 21/01/2019) Grants Policy
Grounds Maintenance Service Level Requirements for Grounds Maintenance
ICO Registration Certificate  Registration Certificate 2023-2024
Investment Policy Investment Policy 2019
Local Council Award Scheme

A guide

Local Council Award Scheme
Model Publication Scheme
This publication scheme commits an authority to make information available to the public as part of its normal business activities.
Kingsmead Parish Council publication scheme
Employer Pension Discretion Policy for Employees Pension Discretion Policy 2020
Notice of Public Rights and Publication of Unaudited Annual Governance & Accountability Return Accounts Making Provision for the Exercise of Public Rights 2022-23
Ponds Maintenance Contract 2017-2020

Extended to March 2021 – minute ref 21/01/19(11b)

Ponds March 2017 to March 2020
Precept Calculation
This document explains the process
Precept Calculation
Press & Media Policy
The purpose of this policy is to define the roles and responsibilities within Kingsmead Parish Council for working with the press and media and deals with the day-to-day relationship between the council and the media.
Press & Media Policy
Risk Assessment 2023-2024 This document was approved at the Parish Council Meeting held 19/06/2023 Risk Assessment 2023-2024
Staff Disciplinary Policy
This document sets out the disciplinary policy for members of staff
Disciplinary Procedure 2017
Standing Orders
These regulations govern the procedures of the council and were reapproved at a FULL Council meeting on 19-06-2023
The Good Councillor Guide
Essential reading for all those interested in the workings of a local council.
Training Policy adopted 21/01/2019 Training Policy
Tree Works
Essential reading for all residents with questions regarding trees
KMPC Tree Policy 2021
Trees FAQs Woodland Management Plan
Vexatious Policy
This policy identifies where a complainant, either individually or as a member of a group or a group of complainants might be considered to be habitual or vexatious and ways of responding to these situations.
Vexatious Policy
Wildlife Policy
This document sets out the policy for wildlife
Wildlife Policy 2018