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Kingsmead Parish Council Committee comprises 10 elected Councillors and a Clerk. Your Councillors are volunteers and your Clerk is a qualified experienced, paid member of Parish Council staff.

There are currently no vacancies.

Cllr Laura Hoey (Vice Chairman 2021-22)

Committee Membership:  Parks Committee

Working Groups:  Environment; Events

I moved to Kingsmead from Manchester in 2004 and absolutely love it here.  It is so green and leafy with fantastic facilities for children, wonderful walks and country-side, close proximity to some fantastic cities and local towns and opportunities for making friends and joining in.  I was persuaded to join the council by Cllr Bannister and haven’t looked back since. I’ve made some great friends along the way as well as learning about local government. My main interest is ponds and wildlife in the village; that is, trying to keep it neat and tidy whilst also providing habitats for wildlife.

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Cllr Emma Bannister

Committee Membership:  Finance Committee, Parks Committee

Working Groups:  

I have lived in Kingsmead with my family since 2000, and feel very lucky to live in such a safe and scenic area. I was involved in the original Kingsmead Resident’s Association, and it was disheartening when the village maintenance went downhill. This and having children made me determined to maintain the Parish, and provide good amenities for everyone to enjoy. I’m always of the opinion that I can’t moan if I am not prepared to get involved myself! My main focus is the children’s parks in the Parish, and I have been a Parish Councillor since 2011.

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Cllr David Boylan

Committee Membership:  Finance Committee

Working Groups:  Structures and Maintenance

I’ve been a resident of Kingsmead since 1999.  During the early years, maintenance of the estate by the incumbent management company was, at best, inconsistent and was, in general, poorly executed.

When the Parish Council was formed, it was an obvious and easy choice for me to get involved and work alongside my fellow councillors to correct the years of mismanagement and neglect.  It’s an on-going journey to get the estate back to where it should be and maintain it.  We, as a council, cannot promise to get it right all of the time as there are a continually changing set of priorities to juggle on a limited budget, but be assured that we’re working hard to ensure that Kingsmead is and continues to be a clean, pleasant and safe environment to live.

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Cllr Helen Weltman

Committee Membership: Parks Committee

Working Groups:  Environment; Events

I have lived on Kingsmead for 14 years having moved back to Cheshire with my husband and our (then) two young children. I noticed a decline in the maintenance of Kingsmead due to the lack of management. I decided to stand for the former Vale Royal Borough Council in 2008 to try use some influence to obtain the Council’s help. Along with other residents I was instrumental in the creation of the Kingsmead Parish Council in 2011. I also represent the Davenham and Moulton Ward on Cheshire West and Chester Council which Kingsmead is part of.

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Cllr Andy Logan

Working Groups:  Structures and Maintenance

I was brought up in and around Bury, Bolton and Rochdale, and moved to Cheshire after finishing university in 1998. After meeting my wife we moved to Kingsmead in 2008 to be near her family and friends. Now we have two young children and we really appreciate what a great area Kingsmead is to raise a family and we feel very settled and happy here.

As a chartered surveyor my interest and experience is in construction and our built environment. I decided to join the Parish Council to get involved in a positive way in how our village is run, maintained and improved, with the hope that my background and knowledge will be a benefit to Kingsmead.

My wish is that our unique parish continues to evolve and mature as I believe this is a wonderful place to live with a strong local community. 

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Cllr Neil Martin

Committee Membership:  Finance

Working Groups: Structures and Maintenance

My wife and I moved to Kingsmead from York in 2007.  We love Kingsmead’s rural environment including the bluebell wood, ponds, river and hedgerows in the parish.  This is why I am keen to serve the local community to conserve the parish, encourage wildlife and make it a village where people are proud to live.

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Cllr Chris Reed

Committee Membership: Finance; Parks Committee

Working Groups:  Environment

My family and I have lived on Kingsmead for 15 years and after the children left home and I retired I decided to do something for the community to help return Kingsmead to the state it should be in after the years of neglect by the management company that the developers used.

I’ve been a member of the Parish Council for 4 years and have responsibility for the trees and landscape. I’m also involved in the Community Speedwatch initiative and as I’m the only Councillor that is now retired walk around the Parish most days looking to identify areas in need of TLC.

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Cllr Steve Chappell

awaiting biog

Committee Membership: Finance

Working Groups:  Events; Structures and Maintenance

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Cllr Spencer Jewitt (Chairman 2021-22)

Committee Membership: Parks Committee

Working Groups: Environment; Events

I feel very proud to live in such a lovely area the ponds; trees, parks and easy access to the river give it a real country feel.  I was invited to apply to join the council by the former clerk, Jo Donoghue, after asking to join the litter picking team as I think it’s important to get involved and  put something back in to the community. The council do a great job and I’m proud to be a part of that. I’m interested in bringing people together and developing a good community feel. I am keen to develop a Kingsmead youth council as I feel they are the key to the future and should have a voice.

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Cllr Mike Van Gordon

awaiting biog.

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Wendy Maddock – Locum Clerk

Lara Jacob – Locum Responsible Finance Officer

In accordance with the Accounts and Audit Regulations 2015 (Statutory Instrument 2015/234), Kingsmead Parish Council is required to publish details of its senior salaries whose remuneration is at least £50,000. Kingsmead Parish Council have 2 employees, the Clerk and RFO, and their salaries do not exceed £50,000.